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Teaching something new, tailoring my messages for the audience and taking control of the process are in my nature. However mediocrity is not acceptable. Expect me to deliver feedback with a challenger mindset.


Design Thinker

I am an entrepreneurial thinker. When starting a design thinking session I always remind all participants that we design for a purpose - not for a stereotype. Need an example?

Don't design a cup. Design for the need to drink.

Growth Hacker

Building partnerships is not only about love. Growing together makes fun. Strategic partnerships never start with signed paperwork but real business. Keeping focus and developing a business became a key element of my career.


Why should I behave in a corporate environment different than in a startup? Developing a business needs creativity, unconventional thinking and acting across silos. Be driven by results.

I own a network of key contacts within Switzerland across several industries.



I am sailing, passionate about photography, design and architecture.

Gardening balances me.

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Michael M. Maurer

Untere Sandstrasse 13, 5712 Beinwil am See, Switzerland

+41 78 844 63 74